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AJAX and Data Attributes

Ajax framework is one of the simplest solutions to send a request to server and find or store data there. The top advantage of using Ajax which actually uses JavaScript embedded with HTML is it gives you quick, interactive and cross-browser method to communicate with the server.

In Cartface we have used Ajax framework to create a rich user experience by developing the shopping cart section using this technology. The attractive user interface, easy-to-understand flow and fast performance has made the section stand out among the popular shopping sites.



The data-ajax-handler and data-ajax-update gives the user the freedom to make any changes, like increasing the quantity of product in the cart page without going back and then proceeding forth again and still you can see it reflected in the final price along with other details.

Ajax framework makes the process of sending request to server simple and thus update the page asynchronously. If you want you can improve the user experience by making changes in the code. However, before proceeding, please note that, this is a highly sensitive code and without professional knowledge you are suggested not to make any change.