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Contact Form

It is very important for every shopping site to offer a smooth and simple contact option to both its customers and vendors. And a contact form is the first thing that one looks for in a website for this purpose. This is why Cartface have developed outstanding contact form with all the required field option with superb validation as well as strong CAPTCHA option to protect your mailbox from unwanted spamming. Every user who wants to contact you can visit this page and fill in their details, write the message, complete the CAPTCHA and hit the ‘Send’ button and instantly it would reach your predefined mail address.


The contact form is developed using latest technologies with enough security means to prevent your website from spamming. The compact world class coding would give you a simple and professional look that won’t discourage your customers.


We have added all the mandatory fields that any Admin require to know about the person contacting him. Brilliant validation would guide the user properly about the type of information they should enter in a particular field and thus you can expect right and structured information for satisfactory customer service.


Here is the code of our contact form. If you have good coding knowledge you can make necessary changes and improve it as per your preference. However, you should read our Terms & Conditions before you attempt any change.