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Custom Field

The role of custom fields is no less than any other feature of the front-end and back-end of a website. This basic attribute found on every website can be accessed either by the customer using the front-end of the website or the admin who generally remains busy operating the back-end.

The multi-utilitarian values of custom fields –

• The feature comes handy with relevance to allowing your customers fill in a personal message to be showcased on a product

• Custom fields entail the back-end person to incorporate some additional information for every product available

• Sometimes there is also a customer field present which is meant to add in the tax number in order to keep record of the customers. This field is to be filled by the customer during sign up.

• There is also an order field or a cart field for requesting a delivery date for a specific order
Places to add the custom field

• Custom field can be placed in the “back-end product form”

• Custom field can be inserted to the front-end page for customers to enter a certain value

• Custom field is sometimes inserted to customer form in admin and it can also be added to the front end

• Customer field is also inserted to the cart page of front-end


The Custom Fields feature is available on the Unlimited plan.