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Customer Registration

Create simple Customer Registration or Signup page for your customers to allow them become a customer of your shopping website. You can add this form along with the login page or can keep it as a separate page. We have validated every field brilliantly to make it simpler to complete and error free.

Any user can register themselves using this page within a minute. Once they hit the Submit button after filling up the fields with appropriate details, such as name, mail ID, mobile number, address and so on and accepting the Terms and Conditions, they will receive a link in their inbox. They just need to click the link to validate their mail ID and complete the registration process for that particular website. Now, they can log into their account and start purchasing products.

Want to Customize the Registration Page?

Here is an example of code from one of the themes of Cartface which you can customize if you have knowledge of coding. Please note, messing up these codes without proper knowledge can make your website work improperly or collapse totally.




How to Register as a Customer?

  • Click on the Register button located on the top-right corner
  • Fill up the fields with appropriate data
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions by clicking on the checkbox
  • Enter the captcha to ensure you are a human being