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Display Category Products

You may now gain an understanding of how the category products should be displayed on Cartface.
Basically the Category page on your eCommerce store stands as a podium for displaying the product categories. The category page loads the ideal product categories by firstly examining a “URL(Name)” parameter which is already defined. While doing all of these you will find the category page has been incorporated with the functionality, which is again defined with the help of the setting.


Shop: category operation which is synchronized with the Action Segment of the page, basically preps category object which is used in the page code. So, with regards to the “Canadian Whiskey” category page, the product, Canadian-Whiskey is considered a parameter value which is to be read right from the link/URL. soon after, the “shop: category” action starts loading, category variable along with the list of items/products comprising the” sporting good” category.

Now, you will require taking into consideration, code content that is set up on the category page. While looking into the content segment, right in line 15 you are sure to notice the code section.


The particular code section is asking Cartface to offer “shop-product-list” partial which is making use of defined items/products for the product category. The product list is being defined during page load by shop: category action.

You may even access this category variable straight away from the category page, besides few of the most efficient associated parameters. For example you may add the following snippet above the code sample mentioned above:


Now, you will see that whenever you load the category page for Canadian Whiskey, the category name is being displayed upon the entire list of “category products”.

Also, you may load an entire list of items/products outside of the partial with the help of the Twig Syntax mentioned: