Every shopping site provides hundreds and thousands of products and finding the right one can be often challenging. In such situation, Filter and Short option can be highly useful find out product of a particular category and specification which reduces the effort of the customer and makes it easy to choose from only few products of same group.


Cartface have developed excellent Filter and Short options for its shopping websites which can be integrated through a few clicks. Just invest a minute to customize it as per your product type and let the customers choose their product quickly and perfectly.


Be it price range, launching date, type, category, brand, size or anything else our Filter option gives you the freedom to choose them easily so that you never feel compromised with your business. To add more facility Cartface have integrated simple Short option to re-arrange the products in ascending or descending order by price, popularity, date of release and so on.


You can use the Filter by Price, Category Filtering apps to add Filter and Short option to your website. Just follow the instructions in our apps section and make your ecommerce more useful.