If you are not completely familiar to the term pages then here is something for you to know. “Pages” stand for each page entailed in a website. If you own an ecommerce store your online shop will necessarily have pages to display different products and services that you render. An ecommerce website that lets you set up your own store will let you explore the multiple options to customize a page according to a desirable layout. The “edit page” is where you will require inserting input codes for a certain page output. You can however set the URL, title and description and the developers will sync the page with the following Information.

You can go through the further details of making a page to understand what it takes to make a page functional:

Add page

If you want to edit a page you will need to go to Store Front> Pages in backend.

After Pages section opens up you will need clicking onto the Add Page button that will help create a fresh page. Now, you will be shown your way to Add Page form. You can start by including a title for the page. You must consider the fact that whatever value you enter right in title field will be considered as the output in HTML Title for the page. Whatever title you set up will become visible.

You must remember that a Change Status option in page list action column will appear. This helps to hiding away a certain page from the front end, you will require activate the disable icon from the action column then again page will appear in the front end.

You will notice that the Page URL will remain specified to the website’s root. Also, you will come across the fact that your URL is actually auto-populated whenever you enter a title. The template field stays automatically connected to the Home page.

Meanwhile the code field allows you to configure a value for pages “subdirectory name”. Along with this you will find that the code field remains auto-populated whenever you try entering a page title. You may however change the value of the code field. Add the code to the content field. The add page form will look like:


Enter the save and discard option in order to reassure the new addition of the page. Next navigate to the new page on the browser. Open store and then navigate your way using a particular URL. Your page will seem like the image below


The edit page form will look like the following: