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Websites without images? Never! Well you can barely think of something as boring as setting up a website without any image to top its looks. Besides, nothing can make messages more meaningful than a visual assistance which can only be attained through images. At Cartface you will get a highly integrated resource managing feature that will let you benefit from quick uploads along with resource file creations which are important while you will be creating a theme for a website. Remember the fact that whenever you add a resource it is saved in the resource folder related to an ongoing theme.

Now, first start with creation of a certain CSS file which needs to be used for the My page. Soon after you will require logging into the backend of the store and then just left click on Theme present in the sidebar. After this you will require clicking onto the Create Theme option.


You will now require to click onto CSS folder for theme.


Click on to ‘New’ button in order to add a fresh file. You can name it custom.css. Copy following CSS code and paste it on Content section.

The editing page of the custom.css will look like:


Soon after you will have to click on to the Save and Close button in order to save the file. This is when you will find custom.css right in a list comprising the name of files for CSS directory. Now, open the My page and simply add “custom -yellow” class name of the elements. Click on to Pages menu and again click the My page.

Add the “bigcart-yellow” class to H1 element present in the textual area and Click on to the Save and Close section and confirm the change.

You will need including a reference to the custom.css file present in Head element of the site. In order to work on this you will need to open Templates section available under Store Design. You will have to click the test template. Just below the Title tag you will have to add the code mentioned below:


Here you will find a certain filter available at the HREF segment of Link tag which is referred to as the “theme resource”. The Filter sends out command to output a path to the resource file which is directly related to the theme.