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Search Page

One of key metrics in use to improve revenue of your eCommerce site is undoubtedly the Search Page. It is indeed one of the priority pages of your eCommerce store through which you can further convert visits into effectual buys. This simple navigational page allows a visitor of your site to look out for a product and then continue to add it to his cart. This is an essential front-end feature of your store.

What you need to include in the Search Page

There are some fundamental aspects which need to be taken care of while creation of a Search Page that is deemed to lead to the achievement. Here they are:

• Emphasizing on creation of an effective search bar
• Incorporating phrases like “enter keyword”
• Customizing the search page by offering filtered search options
• Converting long semantic searches
• Usage of auto-complete search for smarter results


Creating page for Search Page

Soon after creation of the search bar on your eCommerce store, you would require creating a different page that would display the results against each search. You can begin with a search page for the back-end of your store which would require naming and a separate URL. Another important thing to note, is a set up for the page’s action. You would require setting it up as shop:search.


The search usage

The search mechanism works fast. When a product is searched, the search bar yields an entire string of results, against the word mentioned. Basically the crawlers of a website will provide results matching up to the keyword mentioned.