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Layout is the look of a web page and the way different sections are arranged. Generally, every page of a website should have a coherent layout as it gives the visitor a brand-flavor. Cartface has invested a lot of time and effort on creating efficient designs that are enough compelling to attract and engage the visitors. We focus on keeping our design clean and appealing.


Cartface has several attractive theme templates which you can choose from and all the themes have unique design. However, if any client don’t like any of these designs, they can customize it on their own or by our developers. Even if they hire any third-party designer, they are free to do the changes. However, the new design would be added to Cartface collection and would be treated as product of Cartface. The user will not be able to claim any right on this design.


However, we strongly suggest the Admins not to experiment with the coding if they don’t have enough knowledge of that or it can mess up the design.