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So what do you think is the usage of templates all about? This is one useful element of web design and development and with this you will be able to unearth the fact behind codes, tags and page headers and footers remaining the same for over pages. Yes, you are right, templates are the secret behind keeping a format same throughout. Templates are mainly found to contain various HTML tags like the head, title and body. The best part, you can actually own quite a few number of templates. Under most circumstances websites are found to have a couple of templates one for the Home Page and the other for the different inner pages.

How to create the template

To understand the steps behind template creation you can go through the below mentioned stages. This template is majorly designed keeping the Home Page in mind. Firstly you will require visiting the store design and then the templates page where you can click + button which stays underneath the templates section.
Mention a name for the template especially Code field. This template will comprise HTML tags along with header and footer details.


One of the fundamental objects in a particular code for template content remains the function call. It leads to the present page content. You may use a particular template with several pages and the function call will lead to the content of some particular page which a user wants to be moved to.

{% block content %}

You must also consider the title of the page when Title tag is being displayed. It makes use of a code signifying a value which you entered in Title field mentioned in current page.

{% if title!=” %}{{ title }}{% else %}{{ get_setting_by_name(‘sitename’) }}{% endif %}

You can use page description right in the Head Tag, similar to the earlier style by using {{page.description}}. This will lead to a value equivalent to whatever you have entered in description on edit page form.


Now, you must put your fingers on the click save and close button for saving the fresh template. It’s time for you being assigned a test template that leads to the Home Page of the store.