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XML Sitemap

Search Engines need to visit every page of your website to Index them properly so that Search Engines can show these pages when a user looks for a product or service that these pages provide. But, without a proper knowledge of path, search engines cannot navigate through all the pages of a website. This is where an XML Sitemap is required. An user must know that an HTML sitemap is for human beings as search engines cannot read html – it needs xml.

Adding sitemap in your website helps the webmaster to send alert to search engines about the pages available for crawling in your website. Actually, an XML sitemap is nothing but the bunch of URLs of your website along with the meta data describing the URL. Search Engines use this meta data to understand the URL more intelligently.


How to Add XML Sitemap?

XML sitemaps should be located in the root of your html code of your website and the URL to access the sitemap should be like www.example.com/sitemap.xml where www.example.com is the URL of your website. So, here is the process of adding the sitemap in your website created using themes of Cartface.