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When you click on the ‘Customer’ section of the admin panel the customer listing page opens and from there the user can perform a variety of function like search customers, add customer and many others.

Whenever a new customer place any kind of order with the online store, the name of the customer and their other necessary details are added to the store’s customer list. The store owner can analyze all the customers and their buying pattern and also can manage the necessary customer information from the Customer page of the admin panel. From the ‘Customer’ menu of the admin panel, the store owner can go to the ‘Customer Listing page’ which offers the contact details of the customers also. The contact details of the customers provide the opportunity to the store owner to send special offers or discount to the long-term, lucrative clients. Interestingly, customer accounts can be created both from the front end by the new customers themselves and also from the backend of the store by the admin owner.


Customer details listed in the ‘Customer Listing page’ are very crucial for the purpose of marketing. With the help of this information, the store owner can connect with the purpose of marketing their products directly to the existing customers.