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Check out messages are received by the users when they place any order or reject or replace any order with the store owner. These messages are crucial for any user as it keeps them updated about their products. For sending Checkout messages the store owner must go to the ‘Settings’ of the admin panel and from there click on the ‘Checkout’ section. Whatever changes or upgradations made on the ‘Checkout’ page needs to be saved by clicking on the ‘Save’ button on the lower right-hand side of the page.

Checkout Account

  • When the store clicks on the ‘Checkout Account’ option they will get three options – ‘Guest’, ‘User’, ‘Optional’.
  • If they set the ‘Guest’ option then any customer will be able to purchase products from the online store without registering or opening an account with the store.
  • If they set the ‘User’ option then the customer needs to open an account for purchasing any product from the online store.
  • If they set it as ‘Optional’ then the customer can select between ‘Guest’ and ‘User’.

Notify to users

  • For notifying the customers the store owners need to go to the ‘Checkout Message to User’ section of the ‘Checkout’ page and select between ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ options provided.
  • If ‘Yes’ is selected then messages will be received by the customers.
  • If ‘No’ is selected then the customers will not receive any message from the online store.

Custom Messaging

For custom messaging the online store owner should set messages in the ‘Checkout Message’ field of the ‘Checkout’ page and these can send to the customers.

Terms of Services

In the ‘Terms of Services’ section of the ‘Checkout’ page, the store owner can put down their terms, rule and regulations of their services.

Privacy policy

In the ‘Privacy Policy’ section of the ‘Checkout’ page, the store owner can put down the privacy policies of his online store for his customers to know.