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POS Settings

From the ‘Settings’ menu of the admin panel the store owner or POS/admin users can go the ‘POS Settings’ page.

In this page, there are number of fields like ‘Show cashier name in billing’, ‘Position of cashier name in billing’, ‘Show customer name in billing’, ‘Show customer email in billing’, ‘Show customer phone number in billing’,’Show HSN code in billing’,’Show customer address in billing’, ‘Discount on individual product’,’Print billing in short form’,’Allow to change product price by POS user’ and ‘Facility to add customer address in POS’ which can be set as per requirement.

After set up those settings, click on the ‘Save’ button on the top-right side of the page to save settings.


Now the POS app needs to be synchronize with those settings by the help of POS ‘Sync’ button.