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Interestingly, with Cartface orders can be placed or created from both the frontend by the customers and by the store owner from the backend of the online store. When the user will click on the ‘Order’ menu of the admin panel the Order page will open and it will provide a variety of details about the orders.The orders that have been placed by the clients from the front end of the store can be viewed on the Order listing page. Orders can also be created by the admin owner from the backend by using ‘Add Order’ button on the ‘Order’ page. Even after placing an order, the customers can also cancel it without any hassle and on the other hand if the attempted delivery fails the store owner can also update the status of the order accordingly.

The searching, viewing, and printing options offer the admin owner the opportunity to have a real-time look at the order details of the clienteles. Correct status update regarding payments is crucial for the customers and the admin owner can change the default ‘Unpaid’ status to ‘Paid’ status via the Order listing page.