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From the admin panel of CartFace, if the store owner clicks on the ‘Products’ menu, he/she can perform a lot of functions related to the products of the online store.

CSV Files

  • From the admin panel the store owner should click on the ‘Products’ menu
  • When the ‘Products’ page opens, click on the ‘Upload Products through .CSV’ button for a uploading lot of products at one go. Again, he/she for downloading products at one go should click on ‘Download Products to .CSV’


Uploading and downloading of bulk products is possible with the help of .CSV

Rich Text Editor

  • From the ‘Store Front’ section of the admin panel go to ‘Pages’.
  • In the ‘Content’ field of ‘Pages’, he/she can put down a variety of content.
  • The different options present in the ‘Toolbar’ of the ‘Content’ field helps in the superior editing of the content. You can arrange the font size, you can change alignments, images can also be added with the text and various other functions can be performed with the text editor.

Bulk Action

The option of mass uploading and downloading of products through .CSV helps in adding and withdrawing innumerable products of the online store through a single step.