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How to add Products


If products are available with the online store then the admin owner must update the Product listing page from the backend so that the customer get to know what is available and what is not.

Adding new product

  • From the ‘Product’ menu of the admin panel click on ‘Products’.
  • When the Product listing page opens click on the ‘Add Product’ button on the upper right-hand side of the page.
  • On the ‘Product’ page fill up the ‘Name’, ‘Short Description’, ‘Add long description’ and ‘Category’.
  • If you want the particular product to be displayed on the Home page click on the ‘Yes’ button or otherwise ‘No’.
  • Then in the ‘Product Images’ section upload multiple image files.
  • In the ‘Pricing’ section enter the ‘Price’ of the product, ‘Unit Nature’ and ‘Unit of Sale’.
  • In the ‘Inventory’ section fill up the ‘Unit of Purchase’,‘SKU’ , ‘Quantity’ and ‘Rate’ field.
  • In the ‘Return Policy’ select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if Is the product returnable
  • In the ‘Shipping’ section fill up the ‘Weight’ and ‘Weight Unit’ option.
  • In the ‘Product Attribute Information’ section fill up the ‘Select Attribute’ field from the drop down and the ‘Enter Values’ fields.
  • Then go to the ‘Search Engine Listing’ section and fill up the ‘Meta Title’, ‘Meta Description’ and ‘Meta Keywords’ fields respectively.
  • Save the details provided in the ‘Product’ page by clicking on the ‘Save’ button.



If there is shortage of stock or you no longer want to display a product for some unforeseen reason but permanently deleting it from your online store’s admin is also not an option for you, in such case, you can hide the product instead.

Updating product

Much more elaborate details can be added to the already existing products from the ‘Product’ page. From the ‘Product’ page click on the ‘Add Long Description’ section and add all the extra updates about the existing products.

Duplicating product


Innumerable images of the variants of a product like different colors, size, shape etc., can be uploaded from the ‘Product Images’ field of ‘Product’ page.


Multiple image files of a single product can be uploaded from ‘Product Image’ section of the ‘Product’ page giving a chance to the customers to view the products from a different perspective.

Pricing & Taxes

From the ‘Pricing & Taxes’ section of the ‘Product’ page enter the price of the product along with the taxes / GST that will be levied. This will help customers to know the total price of the product.

Importing Product Sale Price

Product sale price can be added through CSV for different date as applicable. Uploading Product sale price through CSV, it can be set as it will change instantly or change that sale price on specific date.

Importing & Exporting

The store owner can import and export bulk products to and from his online store. In the Product listing page, there are two buttons ‘Upload Products through.CSV’ and ‘Download Products through .CSV’ on the upper right-hand side of the page. Using these two options the store owner can both import and export numerous products at a time.


At times, the admin owner needs to see product details at a glance and for that precise purpose they can click on the ‘Action’ button on the Product listing page and from there they should click on the ‘View’ option. As soon as they will click on the ‘View’ the corresponding product details will appear.

Managing Inventory


Inventory management is a crucial task that the admin user must undertake to keep the customers informed and updated about the present quantity of the products.

  • For updating inventory go to the ‘Products’ menu and then click on the ‘Inventory’ option.
  • When the ‘Inventory’ page opens click on the particular products whose inventory the admin owner wants to update.
  • When the inventory detail page of that particular product appears to go to the ‘Action’ field and click on the ‘Add Stock’/ ‘+’ sign and update the available quantity.

SEO & Promotion


Each and every product present in an e-commerce store needs to be marketed online so that these are visible in the top search results. So, for proper search engine listing certain fields of the ‘Product’ page needs to be filled.

  • From the ‘Products’ menu of the admin panel go to the Product listing page and click on the ‘Add Product’ button on the upper right-hand side of the page.
  • When the ‘Products’ page opens go to the Search Engine Listing section and provide the ‘Meta Title’, ‘Meta Description’ and ‘Meta Keywords’ which will help in the search engine listing and promotional activity on the internet.

Did you know?

Page title and Meta description have a set character limits. Exceeding the character limit might negatively affect your product SEO.