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Introduce to Cartface

Thank you for visiting Cartface! You might be looking for a perfect e-commerce platform for launching your own online store. Cartface can be an apt find for all your desperate searches.

Key Features

Cartface offers numerous tools to assist you to set up and manage your e-commerce store. In accordance with the plan you select, you will have everything required to display your products online, to process payments and to make your store function smoothly. Cartface provides-

  1. Comprehensible e-commerce platform
  • Admin users can effortlessly create as well as edit blogs for the front-end
  • It is possible to competently control the navigation of all pages of the front-end
  • Banners can be uploaded as well as edited as per users’ prerequisite
  • CMS pages can be easily created and edited for the front-end
  • In the ‘Contact Us’ page, admin owner can view total number of customers who have sent query to him/her
  • Admin owner can add testimonials that are demonstrated in the front-end
  1. Multiple language options for the back-end

Cartface offers the users the choice to choose their desired language so that they can understand and control the admin panel of their website better.

  1. Wide-ranging library of themes

Captivate your customers with truly interactive and integrate theme platforms and witness an unprecedented spike in the page traffic. You can choose from an assorted array themes which would complement your store requirement. The easy to make your own theme allow you to innovate and design your own theme without any hassle whatsoever.

  1. Admin users can manage admin menu

In the ‘Menu’ page of Cartface admin panel, the admin owner can very simply create and manage menu for his/her website admin panel.

  1. Let admin users install plug-ins

If admin users desire to add any additional feature (if it is not already available in the Cartface admin panel), for his/her website, then he/she can effortlessly install that plug-in in the ‘Plugin’ page. If a user wishes to disable any prevailing feature, then he/she can easily ‘Off’ or ‘Uninstall’ the plugin for that feature in the ‘Plugin’ page.

  1. Can view zoomed version of the product image

In the ‘Products’ page, customers can easily click on any product and then can view the zoom version of the product by moving the mouse cursor on the product.

  1. Offer discount for customers

In the ‘Discount’ page of Cartface admin panel, the business owner can add and manage discount for either all products or a particular product that are presented in the front-end.

  1. Contact Us form

In the ‘Contact Us’ page of Cartface e-commerce website, the customer can send an enquiry to the business owner by filling all compulsory fields of the ‘Contact Us’ form.

  1. Stock Control

Cartface e-commerce platform permits its users to track and control stock of the products based on their availability.

  1. Helps in increasing business growth

Cartface helps business owners to view the visitor statistics, sales summary, and a total number of orders. This help to recognize and grow sales opportunities to a great extent.

Way to sell

The Cartface e-commerce platform is easy to use for the customers as well as the admin owners. The admin owners can add products according to category and attributes. They can also add descriptions to the ‘Product’ from the admin. On the other hand, the customers for the purpose of purchasing any product has to click on that the specific product and then add it to the cart.


Depending on the size of the business, the features and functionality requirements may differ. For this precise reason, Cartface offers a variety of subscription plans that offers different monthly fees, transaction fees and also store features.


  1. How helpful is Cartface for your business?

The Cartface e-commerce platform is user-friendly that assist developers and also a layperson to develop an e-commerce business website very easily.  The readymade features of this platform are a great help to the developers to create an advanced e-commerce website quickly. So, it a huge time saver and also help to cut cost to a great extent. The store owners can also control the front-end from the back-end very effortlessly


  1. How helpful is Cartface for the website visitors?

The Cartface e-commerce website is very simple so that any visitor can easily navigate to the pages of the website. Visitors can easily view the products of the website and they can easily order the products and pay for that products. The checkout and payment process is very simple on the website.


  1. How do you order a product in Cartface website?

Visitors can view and order products either from ‘Home’ page or from ‘Products’ page. For ordering any product, the customer has to first click on that product and then he/she has to add that product to the cart page. Now on the cart page, if the customer wish to continue his/her shopping, then he/she has to click on ‘Continue Shopping’ button or if he/she wish to check out his/her order, then he/she has to click on ‘Checkout’ button.


  1. How does customer send an enquiry to admin owner or business owner?

For sending an enquiry, the customer has to go to ‘Contact us’ page, and there he/she has to fill the form and then click on ‘Send Message’ button for sending an enquiry to the admin owner or business owner.