Pricing Plan

The prices are affordable and competitive. CartFace offers many different kinds of subscription plans that provide different monthly fees, transaction fees and store features.

Fees & Charges

Fees and charges are levied on the subscribed plans that offer a variety of options. All the plans are either on a monthly or annual basis. If a possible store owner subscribes to an annual plan then he/she will receive a one-month free subscription.

For further details check out the price chart.

Payment Gateway

  • Payment gateways are safe and secure and all the information provided by the customers are kept secret
  • Customers are provided with multiple payment options like COD, internet banking and payment by credit cards and debit cards
  • The customers can integrate the listed payment gateways of CartFace like Pay Pal, PayUmoney, and COD absolutely free
  • The customers can also integrate their own payment gateway with the help of CartFace experts

Billing Cycle

With the conclusion of the free trial the store gets locked. Then the store owner needs to convert to the paid version. He/ She should check out all the monthly and annual plans but the billing is always monthly basis.

Free Trial

  1. If a customer desire to register his/her name in the CartFace e-commerce platform, then he/she has to register with their email address, password, store name and also provide their first name and last name.
  2. Then they have to click on the ‘Create Your Online Store’ button.
  3. Next, the customer will receive a mail from the CartFace admin.
  4. In that mail, there will an ‘Activate Now’ button which needs to be clicked by the customer.
  5. When clicked the loader will load and the redirect to the ‘Login’ page.
  6. In the ‘Login’ page the customer needs to provide the Email Address and the Password to be admitted into the admin panel.

Who can sign up for a free trial?

Anybody who is interested in launching an e-commerce store of their own can actually sign up for a free trial of 14 days.

Get the most out of your 14 days

CartFace is offering most of the functionalities within this 14 days free trial period. So understanding the entire operational part will be easy for the customers and they can take an informed decision whether they want their online stores on this platform or not.


Custom Packages

There are customers who are interested in putting together their own plan in order to meet their prerequisites. If a customer is interested in something different from the offered plans they can certainly customize their plan packages and their method of billing will be absolutely different.


If there are any doubts then he/she can clear their doubts by consulting the FAQ page.

Will I lose my free trial if I sign up for a plan?

If you sign up for a plan you will certainly lose your free trial and the billing process will be initiated.

What happens when I enable Cart Face Payment and PayPal?

Whichever payment gateway is enabled by the store owner, the customer will be able to use that payment gateway only.

When should I change my plan?

You can change your plan at any time.

How can I change my plan?

Firstly, for changing plan in the midway the store owner need to call up CartFace.

Secondly, during the renewal time of the plan, the store owner can certainly adopt a new plan to meet his requirements.

Can I pause or close my store?

Yes, you can pause or close your store. From ‘General Setting’ you can click on the ‘Site Offline’ option to pause your store.

For closing your store sends a mail with a closing down a request to the CartFace Super Admin and the store will be deleted from the platform.