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Manage your Account

Update your account settings

  • Click on the ‘Settings’ option in the admin panel and go to ‘General Settings’
  • Then provide a Store Name, Account Email, Customer Email and load the Store Logo, Store Favicon, and Invoice Logo.
  • Next, provide all the ‘Social Links’ , ‘Google Analytics Code’, ‘ Meta Description General’ and the ‘Meta Keywords General’
  • You have the option of keeping your store both offline and online with the ‘Site Offline’ and ‘Site Online ‘option.
  • Lastly, click the ‘Save’ option.

Update your billing setting

  • From ‘Settings’ go to the ‘Invoice & Taxes’ section
  • Then fill in the Order Number Prefix, Order Number Suffix, Allow Order from Admin, All Tax Included, Tax Type and Tax Amount fields respectively
  • After filling the mandatory fields click the Save option.

Did you know?

Store owner can receive a discount by agreeing to a lengthier billing cycle.

Update your plan

When the free trial period ends the store owner need to update their plan and for that, they need to contact the support team of Cartface via the phone, e-mail or the live chat.