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Staff Account


CartFace offers the opportunity to create staff account for the convenience of the store owner so that the online store can also be handled by others.


  • From ‘Settings’menu to go ‘Users’ and then click on ‘Role’
  • Then click on ‘Add Role’ button on the upper right-hand side corner
  • Next ‘Manage Role’ page will open and from there the store owner will be able to decide what aspects the which staffs of the store will be allowed change or alter things within the store if required
  • First, they have to fill in the ‘Group Name’ field and then they have tick beside the various options provided for the ‘Roles’
  • They can also fill up the ‘Group Description’ field and lastly, they have to ‘Save’ the entire changes

Did you know?

The online store can have only one account owner at a time, and the account owner solely can have complete access to every section of the Cartface admin.

The store owner can modify details, including email addresses and passwords, for all the staff accounts. But the staff members with partial access can edit the particulars only for their own account.


From ‘Settings’ menu go to ‘Users’ and select ‘Role’. Under ‘Role’ the users can perform certain tasks like ‘Add’, ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’, ‘View’, ‘Status’ if provided permission by the store owner. Permission can be set or reset from the ‘Role’ page only.


The account owner is the only person who can create and delete staff accounts. Of course, the users with complete admin access can modify other staff accounts. But staff members cannot edit the store owner’s account. The account owner will also have access to the billing information and subscription variations.

Adding & Deleting Users

  • From ‘Settings’ menu go to ‘Users ‘and then again click on the ‘Users’ option
  • When the ‘Users’ page opens click on the ‘Add User’ button on the right upper side
  • Then upload the user photo and provide the ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, ‘Username’, ‘Email’, ‘Password’ and then select ‘Role Group’.
  • Next , click on the ‘Add’ button to add the users
  • For deleting users, from ‘Settings’ go to the ‘Users’ and click on the ‘Users’ option.
  • When the ‘Users’ page opens select the users you want to delete and go to their respective ‘Action’ button and click on them.
  • Then use the scroll bar on the side and scroll down to the ‘Delete’ option to delete the user.

Set Role

  • Set role for the added users by clicking on the ‘Role’ button on the ‘User’ page
  • Then set role by clicking on the ‘Add’, ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’, ‘View’ and ‘Status’ option