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Understand your Invoice

E-Commerce business is all about bulk purchase of goods and it is often a cumbersome task to maintain all the details of the purchase. The online invoice option drives away the complexities and makes billing and payment easy and simple to follow. You may have purchased different goods with different prices and in different quantity. Understand the invoice service features a carefully crafted way to calculate and send different bills from the day of the purchase to its billing date. These invoices include the one-time charges, different taxes and outstanding amount which has to be paid by the consumer to the seller. The bill also summarizes the arrears and returns, apart from that any charges which are recurring in nature. All the details are included in the bill. When an e-Commerce business avails this service, they can easily avail automatic invoice generation and synchronize their financial accounts for auto-credit.

The easy to handle and maintenance of the bill enable the business to save manual labor hours and save the time and cost. With the time and cost saving, the competitiveness of the goods in the market also increases.